We deal with several renewable energy technologies in designing, manufacturing, installation and operation.
Our products are not limited to scale, environment or location. We do all kind of energy demand specifically as per clients requirement.
The technologies include:
i). Biogas; Renewable gas produced from biological digestion of different biogradable materials (substrate). The substrate includes animal dung, food waste, agricultural waste, market waste e.tc. By using biogas with our special designed appliances we produce heat for cooking, space and room heating, water heating, light and electricity.

ii). Syngas: A green energy gas produced from gasification of biomass wastes like timber wastes (like wood chips, saw dust etc), rice husks, rice staws, grass etc.

iii). Briquettes; We make machines for briquettes and charcoal briquettes for domestic, industrial and domestic uses.

iv). Solar Heat: A green energy from abundant available solar heat. We do make water heating equipments, cooking equipments, electricity production equipments, food processing and drying equipments and cooling systems.

v). Diesel; We recover diesel from plastic waste and use it for engines.