QA/QC data are necessary to determine precision and accuracy and to demonstrate the absence of interferences and/or contamination of sampling equipment, glassware, and reagents. Specific QC requirements for laboratory analyses will be incorporated. The objective is to create new value to meet its shareholders expectations through the continuous improvement of consultancy, quality, quantity according to design and engineering in general through the attention to its employees and the commitment to a sustainable growth pattern also encompassing the careful assessment of the activities and the development of innovative and efficient technologies.
These QC, or equivalent, requirements are followed for analytical work on installation and fabrication. This section describes the QA/QC measures taken for the installation assessment and provides an evaluation of the usability of data presented in this report.
All samples were collected following the guidance of the QA/QC for the field activities performed at site and workshops. All data from analyses performed at the commercial laboratories were reviewed and validated by quality controller.
Construction QC/QA Plan
The remedial action is to be conducted during construction also it includes preparation of the land-based sediment processing facility. Facility Site Work construction includes general civil work, mechanical works such as grading, welding, scaffolding, and rigging, NDT with all necessary inspection (NDE), placement, compaction, Non destructive Visual inspections NDE and Testing procedures apply to all works to be performed by the Contractor and are in compliance with standards.
The approach to management includes a combination of quality control by the contractor and quality assurance by the Construction manager. The QA/QC details and controls that GIS ENGINEERING AND Environmental Service Ltd has put in place so that the quality of the project will meet the requirements specified in the instruction to tender GIS ENGINEERING AND Environmental Service Ltd provides definition and overall management of the quality approach to be followed by its employee. The quality of the works implementation will be ensured through an integrated system of quality assurance performed by quality controller.
The objectives of this QC/QA are to:
a) Describe the quality program and organization to be implemented so that the project is constructed in accordance with the contract requirements and industry standards;

b)  Describe guidelines for inspection and documentation of construction activities.

c)Provide reasonable assurance that the completed work will meet or exceed the requirements of the construction drawings and specifications; and

d) Describe how any unexpected changes or conditions that could affect the construction quality will be detected, documented, and addressed during construction.

Each construction site shall submit the QA/QC Detailed the scope and tackles to attain the standards and meet beyond client expectation.
The following are the guidelines:

i) Project QC/QA Organization: presents the organizations and key personnel involved in the Installation , their responsibilities and authorities, the structure of the QC/QA organization and the minimum training and experience of the Construction Quality Assurance Officer (QAO) and personnel.

ii) Inspection and Verification Activities: provides procedures for tracking construction inspection and verification activities for the contract, construction acceptance criteria, and construction audits.

iii) Construction Deficiencies: describes the procedures for tracking construction deficiencies from identification through acceptable corrective action

iv) Documentation: describes the procedures for the project documents that will be managed through a combination of a secure document filing and  storage system and computerized Document Tracking System.

v) Field Changes: describes handling of quality plan changes to assure QC/QA objectives are met.

vi) Final Reporting: describes the QC/QA documentation for the project.