GIS Engineering Company

We house of the best and experienced welders, fitters/boiler maker, Riggers Plumbers, and other staff to meet our strict standards through specialized Non Destructive testing procedures. Adherence to codes and competent engineering judgment is our number one objective. We offer Workman’s Compensation, and Commercial Liability. Our rigs are insured appropriately to ensure safety as number one and we are responsible for our customer’s excellence.
Areas of Activities are as follows:
a) Structure steel Fabrication and Installation (e.g. communication tower, Canopy, Stainless steel staircases and ladder, etc).

b) All ms steel welding including TIG, MIG, ARC, Arc welding.

c) Stainless TIG welding and Cutting applications.

d) Water Lines Piping, Pipe Tapping and Plumbing for fire system, and domestic supply water line piping
Boiler, steam and pressure Vessel Fabrication and piping.

e) Gas lines Piping, Oil piping and Petrochemical Piping.

f) Field Servicing, Installation and Repair.

g) Fabrication and Erection of Storage Tanks.