GIS MAPPINGGIS ENGINEERING AND Environmental Service Ltd is providing a foundation for integrating the City’s municipal services, such as road, water and sewage networks, planning and zoning, parks and recreation, taxation and parcel information.

The following are the main activities.

• Maintaining and update the city’s street networks, water distribution system, sewage system, drainage system, town planning, zoning, and other spatial-related data information.

•  Provide GIS data and services to city departments and third party consultants to assist in planning and zoning, street naming, roads planning and naming, water and sewer management, street cleaning, garbage collection, and environmental planning.

• Design and develop methodology for Mobile GIS to expand GIS data from the office to the field, so that crews can access relevant GIS data from the field.

• Develop custom desktop GIS tools and extensions to increase productivity.

•Upgrade, test and implement new GIS software and equipment and provide training to staff.

Also we include all activities such as:

• Application of GIS (Arc GIS, Arc View and Map Info) in analysis of various spatial and social-economic data.

• Preparation of neighborhoods plans, site plans and regularization.

• Establishment of Environmental Management and Information Systems (EMIS) for urban and district settings.

• Preparation of land use plans and regional development plans.

• Landscape design and interior design.

• Cadastral surveying.

• Engineering surveying.

• Mining surveying.

• Remote Sensing.

• Sewerage and waste water treatment.

• Solid waste management.

• Water supply and treatment.

• Environmental degradation and management.

• Civil construction industry.

• Environmental planning and impact assessment.